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How are we different than other AMCs?

Most management firms boast the concept of a “dedicated staff person” to your organization. This person is your main contact for everything from Board support to finances to communications to membership. This can be a disadvantage when you are looking for an answer and that “dedicated staff person” is out of the office for any number of reasons. The reality is that, when you are holding events and your "dedicated staff person" is at that event, nobody is answering the phone for members who choose not to attend that event. This can be a great disservice to your membership.

When you contract with Calabrese Management, you are literally obtaining a full staff complement. Depending upon the services you require, your organization may have an office manager, membership director, bookkeeper, communications director, webmaster, certification coordinator, newsletter editor, event coordinator, lobbyist and Executive Director. Each staff person is highly skilled in their area of expertise and works directly with the lead volunteer and committee members to implement the goals of the Board. You are not assigned a “dedicated staff person” who is expected to know the entire organization, but rather a whole team of experts who can provide professional direction and guidance to your volunteers.

Because of the importance of directing the Board of Directors and ensuring that the goals and objectives are carried out on your behalf, Calabrese Management has two associates on staff who will serve as your Executive Director and/or Associate Executive Director. This is done to ensure that the leadership of the organization continues on if one of the two associates were unavailable or have a personal emergency and must be away from the office for an extended period of time. Denise and Lisa both have specialized expertise in leadership support, marketing and communications, public relations, institutional relations, financial management, branding and strategic planning.

We believe strongly in utilizing technology to the greatest extent possible for our clients. The networking and educational opportunities provided by non-profit trade associations and societies are typically the main reasons members pay dues. However, as less time is available for individuals in their day-to-day lives, the answer to delivering that information and education to your members is technology. We use technology in our communication and promotional efforts, our educational delivery systems, judging award programs, evaluation methodology, and promoting membership. We utilize e-newsletters, mass e-mail services, webcasts and social media, just to name a few. Our staff prides themselves on their knowledge of new technologies and uses them on a daily basis.

By utilizing technology the way we do, we benefit our clients in three ways: monetary savings, timely communication and organizational sustainability. By producing e-newsletters and making the most of e-communication strategies whenever possible, all of our clients have seen a reduction in expenses. Less paper, printing and mailing not only saves money and time, it also benefits the environment and reduces your organization’s carbon footprint. Technology allows us to communicate with members in a timely manner as well. It’s that consistent and continuous communication that keeps your members engaged in all of the important issues facing your organization.

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to work, which is why we truly believe in the concept of a full staff compliment for every organization that we manage. Each of our staff has years of experience in their specific areas, which makes them all experts in their fields. When you hire Calabrese Management, you are hiring a full team of highly skilled professionals who know their jobs inside and out.

Because of this, we are able to:

  • Allow association leaders to concentrate on policy issues instead of administrative tasks
  • Provide an affordable, high degree of professionalism, management expertise and technology through the concept of shared resources
  • Customize staff activity to meet your individual association needs
  • Maintain continuity of business operations during changes in leadership and staff
  • Provide cost-effective solutions to personnel, equipment, facilities and budget considerations



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