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Calabrese Management

Personalized Attention.

Results Driven.

Global Experience.

Is your non-profit organization looking for experienced management at a reasonable cost?

Does your Board debate over how to save expenses for your non-profit organization?

Are you looking for a separate identity for your organization at a fraction of the cost?

Have you had to downsize due to the economic downturn over the past few years?

Are you struggling to get your programs and services back to where they were a few years ago?

Are you wondering where to put limited staff time and expertise but still maintain the same level of services provided by your organization?

The staff at Calabrese Management bring years of experience to the table and can help make your organization more successful.

Allow us to be your invisible partner. We provide all types of services to organizations that simply don't have the money to pay for more staff positions ... at a fraction of the cost!

Board and Volunteer Training

Certification Program Development

Conference & Event Planning

E-communications, Social Networking & Website Development

Office Assistance

Marketing & Branding

Organizational Review

Sponsorship Program Development

Contact us today to learn more!

Let us be an extension of your staff...at a fraction of the cost!




2207 Forest Hills Drive, Harrisburg, PA, 17112 . 717.238.9989 [phone] . 717.238.9985 [fax]